Development / Priorities

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This page attempts to outline the development team's priorities in broad strokes -- this priority list should serve as a general guideline for our team to decide what to work on when the weekly dev meetings don't provide enough guidance.

Summer/Autumn 2016

For Summer/Autumn 2016, the following priorities exist for the dev team, in order of most important to least important:

Ongoing tasks

  1. Site stability and performance issues: If the site is misbehaving or not performing as it should, the dev team should focus on resolving those issues as the first priority.
  2. ModBot/Nagios: If ModBot or Nagios sends periodic emails about an issue, the dev team should address these issues quickly. ModBot fixes may not require hot-fixes, but they should be addressed as soon as possible.

Focus tasks

  1. Move all services into Docker: Work to dockerize all of our services. Follow our planning here.
  2. Test new services in Docker: Test at Google Cloud, initially. Then order machines from New Hosting company and start moving in there.
  3. Move to New Hosting company: Fully move all services to new host.
  4. API Keys: Support API keys and different rate limits on our APIs.