Pretenders (English-American rock band)

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founding members: Martin Chambers (drums) (1978-03 – 1985)
Martin Chambers (percussion) (1978-03 – 1985)
Pete Farndon (background vocals and electric bass guitar) (1978 – 1982-04-14)
James Honeyman-Scott (background vocals, guitar and keyboard) (1978-03 – 1982-06-16)
Chrissie Hynde (guitar and lead vocals) (1978-03 –)
Martin Chambers (background vocals) (1978-03 – 1985)
members: Robbie McIntosh (English guitarist for The Pretenders) (background vocals and guitar) (1982 – 1987)
Malcolm Foster (background vocals and electric bass guitar) (1982 – 1985)
T.M. Stevens (electric bass guitar) (1985 – 1987)
Blair Cunningham (drums and percussion) (1985 – 1987)
Johnny Marr (UK guitarist, The Smiths) (guitar) (1987)
Adam Seymour (guitar) (1993 – 2008)
Andy Hobson (UK bassist) (electric bass guitar) (1993 – 2005)
supporting drums by: Dominic Miller (1990)
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Date Title Attributes Artist
If There Was a Man The Pretenders
If There Was a Man The Pretenders
Lust for Life Tom Jones with The Pretenders
My City Was Gone The Pretenders
Where Has Everybody Gone The Pretenders