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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Clocks (Airplay remix) Coldplay 8:30
Clocks (album version) Coldplay 5:10
Clocks (Buena Vista Social Club Version) Coldplay 5:01
Clocks (club mix) Coldplay 6:12
Clocks (Cosmos remix) Coldplay 5:51
Clocks (David X mix) Coldplay 4:14
Clocks (Deep Dish mix) Coldplay 9:26
Clocks (DJ Twister vs PVD club remix) Coldplay 7:54
Clocks (edit) Coldplay 4:12
Clocks (edit) Coldplay 4:11
Clocks (G and D) Coldplay 6:06
Clocks (Gabriel & Dresden “I Gotta Thank You” mix) Coldplay 8:28
Clocks (Gabriel & Dresden Bootleg mix) Coldplay 7:51
Clocks (Gabriel & Dresden I Gotta Thank You remix) Coldplay 8:33
Clocks (H.E.D. remix) Coldplay 9:18
Clocks (Heaven & Earth Division mix) Coldplay ?:??
Clocks (House mix) Coldplay 5:42
Clocks (Ill mix) Coldplay 3:30
Clocks (Illicit White Label remix) Coldplay 3:35
Clocks (instrumental) Coldplay ?:??
Clocks (Judge Jules remix) Coldplay 7:57
Clocks (live at the Brits 2003) Coldplay ?:??
Clocks (live in Holland) Coldplay 7:06
Clocks (Live Röyksopp remix) Coldplay 5:26
Clocks (live, Summer Sonic, 2008-08-10: Tokyo, Japan) Coldplay feat. Alicia Keys ?:??
Clocks (live) Coldplay ?:??
Clocks (Planet Rockers remix) Coldplay 7:13
Clocks (Psyclone remix) Coldplay 5:32
Clocks (PsyClone remix) Coldplay 5:35
Clocks (radio edit) Coldplay GBAYE0201683 3 4:11
Clocks (radio edit) Coldplay 5:06
Clocks (radio edit) Coldplay 4:11
Clocks (radio edit) Coldplay 4:11
Clocks (Riva remix) Coldplay 3:32
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart instrumental remix) Coldplay 5:38
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart instrumental) Coldplay ?:??
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart mix) Coldplay ?:??
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart remix) Coldplay 5:44
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart remix) Coldplay 5:39
Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart remix) Coldplay 5:40
Clocks (Tom Middleton's Cosmos mix) Coldplay 7:11
Clocks (Trifactor 5AM remix) Coldplay 10:00
Clocks (White Label mix) Coldplay 5:16
Clocks (Yaron Deephouse remix) Coldplay 5:10
Clocks vs. Raise Your Hands Coldplay vs. Matt Caseli & Danny Freakazoid 2:44
Coldplay wants fireworks Coldplay ?:??
Colour Spectrum Coldplay GBAYE1500986 3 1:00
Colour Spectrum Coldplay 1:00
Credits (Up With The Birds snippet) Coldplay 5:17
Crest of Waves Coldplay 3 3:39

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