Heart (rock band, Ann and Nancy Wilson)

~ Group


members: Mark Andes
Michael Derosier
Steve Fossen
Ann Wilson
Nancy Wilson (guitarist/singer of "Heart")
Roger Fisher (US rock guitarist) (1973 – 1979)
Howard Leese (1975 – 1997)
tours: Rock Hall Three for All Tour
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist
Barracuda (album version) Heart
Cry to Me Heart
Dream of the Archer Heart
Go on Cry Heart
Kick It Out Heart
Little Queen Heart
Love Alive Heart
Say Hello Heart
Sylvan Song Heart
Treat Me Well Heart
Cook With Fire (live: Centroplex Colliseum, Menphis, TN, USA) Heart
Dog & Butterfly Heart
High Time Heart
Hijinx Heart
Lighter Touch Heart
Mistral Wind Heart
Nada One Heart
Straight On Heart