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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Peaceville, Volume 4 Various Artists CD 16 Peaceville VILE 30 CD 5016557503029
No Peace at All Various Artists CD 14 Peaceville Vile999CD [none]
Crusade From the North Various Artists 2×CD 8 + 8 Moonfog Productions Fog 010
Metal X-Treme Various Artists CD 13 Éditions Freeway HNHHS005 [none]
Born in Fire, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 16 Born in Fire BIF001 8715392407123
Metal Explosion n°14 Various Artists CD 16 Metallian Editions MECD14 [none]
Metal Hammer Series: The Hunt for Today's Metal, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 11
Moonfog 2000: A Different Perspective Various Artists 2×CD 8 + 8 Moonfog Productions FOG024 4009880715024
The True Legends in Black Various Artists CD 9
Peaceville Classic Cuts Various Artists CD 15 Peaceville CDVILE P2 801056400222
Lords of Chaos: The History of Occult Music Various Artists 2×CD 14 + 14 Prophecy Productions PRO 050 4039053705026
Kerrang! Revved Up! Various Artists CD 16 Kerrang! # 946
Phases: The Dark Side of Music Various Artists CD 15 The End Records (Brooklyn-based label, tends towards dark and heavy) TE041
Zero Tolerance: Peaceville Various Artists CD 17 Zero Tolerance (UK extreme music magazine), Peaceville BP-18477, CDVILEP7 [none]
Legacy 04/04 Various Artists CD 18 Legacy Magazine [none]
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 07 Various Artists CD 16 Terrorizer FEAR CANDY 07
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 25 Various Artists CD 18 Terrorizer FEAR CANDY 25
The Dark Psyche Various Artists CD 15 The End Records (Brooklyn-based label, tends towards dark and heavy) TE 66.6 654436006664
Metal Hammer #156: Peaceville: Loud, Proud, Punk & Metal Various Artists CD 15 Peaceville, Metal Hammer (British edition) CDVILEP9, MHR156CD2/09/06 [none]
The Metal Museum, Volume 14: Black Metal Various Artists Digital Media 16
Legacy 06/07 Various Artists CD 14 Legacy Magazine LEGACY #52
Legacy 05/08 Various Artists CD 18 TS-musix
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 63 Various Artists CD 15 Rock Hard (german magazine)
21 Years of Doom, Death & Darkness Various Artists CD 17 Peaceville CDVILEP13
Celebrating 21 Years of Peaceville Records Various Artists CD 18 Peaceville
Razor - Feb 2009 Various Artists CD 15 Metal Hammer (British edition) MHR188CD1/02/09
Blood Ceremonies Various Artists CD + DVD-Video 15 + 14 AFM Records PGM-AFMDCS3-82-7 0884860047579
Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation, Volume 5 Various Artists 2×(unknown) 14 + 11
Mystic Art, Volume 16 Various Artists (unknown) 16
Nordic Metal Sampler CD Vol. 5 Various Artists (unknown) 12

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