Aaron Copland

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A Summer Vacation
An Outdoor Overture
Appalachian Spring (ballet)
Appalachian Spring (suite for full orchestra)
Suite zxx
Appalachian Spring (original version for 13 instruments)
Suite zxx
Appalachian Spring (Ballet for Martha): Bride's Solo
Appalachian Spring (Ballet for Martha): Coda
Appalachian Spring (Ballet for Martha): Display of Action
Appalachian Spring (Ballet for Martha): Introduction of characters
Appalachian Spring (Ballet for Martha): Pas de Deux for the Bride and Groom
Appalachian Spring (Ballet for Martha): Reprise of the Introduction
Appalachian Spring (Ballet for Martha): Revival Meeting
Appalachian Spring (Ballet for Martha): Shaker Theme, The Gift to Be Simple, an variations underscoring
Appalachian Spring: I. Very Slowly
Appalachian Spring: II. Allegro
Appalachian Spring: III. Moderato: The Bride and Her Intended
Appalachian Spring: IV. Fast: The Revivalist and His Flock
Appalachian Spring: V. Subito allegro: Solo Dance of the Bride
Appalachian Spring: VI. As at First (Slowly)
Appalachian Spring: VII. Doppio movimento: Variations on a Shaker Hymn
Appalachian Spring: VIII. Moderato: Coda
As It Fell Upon a Day
Billy the Kid (ballet suite)
Billy the Kid: Billy in Prison
Billy the Kid: I. Introduction: The Open Prairie
Billy the Kid: II. Street in a Frontier Town
Billy the Kid: III. Mexican Dance and Finale
Billy the Kid: IV. Prairie Night (Card Game at Night)
Billy the Kid: V. Gun Battle
Billy the Kid: VI. Celebration (After Billy's Capture)
Billy the Kid: VII. Billy's Death
Billy the Kid: VIII. The Open Prairie Again
Billy The Kid: Waltz
Candide: Overture Overture
Ceremonial Fanfare
Clarinet Concerto (for clarinet and piano)
Clarinet Concerto
Clarinet Concerto: Cadenza (freely) (for clarinet and piano)
Clarinet Concerto: I. Slowly and expressively (for clarinet and piano)
Clarinet Concerto: I. Slowly and expressively
Clarinet Concerto: II. Rather fast
Clarinet Concerto: II. Rather fast (for clarinet and piano)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Concerto zxx
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: I. Andante sostenuto
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: II. Molto moderato (molto rubato)
Connotations for Orchestra
Dance Symphony
Symphony zxx
Dance Symphony: I. Lento - Molto allegro - Adagio molto
Dance Symphony: II. Andante moderato