Modest Mouse

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founding members: Isaac Brock (lead vocals, banjo, guitar, keyboard) (1992 –)
Eric Judy (acoustic guitar, bass guitar, double bass, harmonium [pump organ], percussion, background vocals) (1993 – 1994)
Jeremiah Green (drums, percussion) (1993 – 2003-03)
members: Joe Plummer
Benjamin Weikel
John Wickhart
Dann Gallucci (1995 – 2004-08)
Eric Judy (background vocals) (1995 – 2012)
Eric Judy (acoustic guitar) (1995 – 2012)
Eric Judy (double bass) (1995 – 2012)
Eric Judy (bass guitar) (1995 – 2012)
Eric Judy (harmonium [pump organ]) (1995 – 2012)
Eric Judy (percussion) (1995 – 2012)
Tom Peloso (background vocals, double bass [upright bass], fiddle, horn [horns], keyboard) (2004 –)
Jeremiah Green (drums, percussion) (2004-07 –)
Jim Fairchild (background vocals) (2005)
Jim Fairchild (guitar) (2005)
Jim Fairchild (ukulele) (2005)
Johnny Marr (UK guitarist; founding member of The Smiths) (2006 –)
Jim Fairchild (guitar) (2009 –)
Jim Fairchild (background vocals) (2009 –)
Jim Fairchild (ukulele) (2009 –)
Russell Higbee (guitar) (2012 –)
Russell Higbee (background vocals) (2012 –)
Russell Higbee (double bass [upright bass]) (2012 –)
Russell Higbee (bass guitar) (2012 –)
Lisa Molinaro (bass) (2012 –)
Lisa Molinaro (background vocals) (2012 –)
Lisa Molinaro (keyboard) (2012 –)
Lisa Molinaro (strings) (2012 –)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist
No One’s First, and You’re Next Modest Mouse
We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank Modest Mouse
We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank Modest Mouse
Be Brave
God Is an Indian and You're an Asshole
Of Course We Know
Pistol (A. Cunanan, Miami, FL. 1996)
Pups to Dust
Shit in Your Cut
Strangers to Ourselves
Sugar Boats
The Best Room
The Tortoise and the Tourist
Wicked Campaign
graphic design
Good News for People Who Love Bad News Modest Mouse
Performs Modest Mouse's The Moon And Antartica The Vitamin String Quartet
Pickin' on Modest Mouse: A Bluegrass Tribute Iron Horse
Bankrupt on Selling
Convenient Parking
Cowboy Dan
Doin’ the Cockroach
Heart Cooks Brain
It’s All Nice on Ice, Alright
Jesus Christ Was an Only Child
Long Distance Drunk
Lounge (Closing Time)
Out of Gas
Polar Opposites
Shit Luck
Styrofoam Boots
Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine
Trailer Trash
Truckers Atlas