Cheap Trick

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Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Language Attributes Rating
A Day in the Life Song eng
  • 340116449 (ASCAP ID)
  • 282496 (BMI ID)
Ain’t That a Shame Song eng
Auf Wiedersehen
Song eng
Baby Loves to Rock
Song eng
Baby No More
Ballad of T.V. Violence Song eng
  • GW17912064 (APRA ID)
  • 84454 (BMI ID)
  • 1096862-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0B1-1253-1 (JASRAC ID)
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! Song eng
Big Eyes
Song eng
Born to Raise Hell
Song eng
California Man Song eng
Carnival Game
Clock Strikes Ten Song eng
  • 220153 (BMI ID)
Clock Strikes Ten Song eng
  • GW28066012 (APRA ID)
  • 220153 (BMI ID)
  • 0C1-4911-1 (JASRAC ID)
Cold Turkey eng
Come On, Come On Song eng
  • GW28066054 (APRA ID)
  • 230884 (BMI ID)
  • 966688-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0C1-4916-1 (JASRAC ID)
Cry, Cry Song eng
  • GW17912056 (APRA ID)
  • 261353 (BMI ID)
  • 1096917-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0C1-4432-1 (JASRAC ID)
Daddy Should've Stayed in High School Song eng
  • GW17912129 (APRA ID)
  • 269884 (BMI ID)
  • 1096918-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0D0-7922-1 (JASRAC ID)
Day Tripper Song eng
Don’t Be Cruel Song eng
Down Down Song eng
  • GW00073532 (APRA ID)
  • 336804 (BMI ID)
  • 10678109-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0D0-8278-8 (JASRAC ID)
Dream Police
Eight Miles Low
ELO Kiddies Song eng
  • T-902.670.126-8 (APRA ID)
  • 370425 (BMI ID)
  • 1096665-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0E0-6383-3 (JASRAC ID)
Everything Works If You Let It Song eng
Fixing a Hole eng
Getting Better Song eng
Gonna Raise Hell Song eng
  • 492685 (BMI ID)
Good Morning Good Morning Song eng
Hard to Tell
He’s a Whore Song eng
  • GW15081095 (APRA ID)
Heaven Tonight
Hello There
High Roller Song eng
  • T-700.021.919-4 (APRA ID)
  • 566366 (BMI ID)
  • 961068-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0H0-9687-2 (JASRAC ID)
Hot Love Song eng
  • GW17912006 (APRA ID)
  • 587029 (BMI ID)
  • 1096736-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0H0-8844-6 (JASRAC ID)
How Are You? Song eng
  • GW28066525 (APRA ID)
  • 590270 (BMI ID)
  • 961087-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0H0-9691-1 (JASRAC ID)
I Dig Go‐Go Girls
Song eng
  • GW20782583 (APRA ID)
  • 10983614 (BMI ID)
  • 0J3-0931-5 (JASRAC ID)
I Want You to Want Me Song eng
I’m the Man
Song eng
If You Want My Love
Song eng
It All Comes Back to You
Johnny B. Goode Song eng
Lookout Song eng
  • GW28066949 (APRA ID)
  • 903417 (BMI ID)
  • 996202-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0L1-4137-3 (JASRAC ID)
Lovely Rita eng
Lovin' Money
Song eng
  • GW36567676 (APRA ID)
  • 4013843 (BMI ID)
  • 0G5-5083-9 (JASRAC ID)
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds Song eng
Magical Mystery Tour Song eng
  • D major (Key)
Mandocello Song eng
  • GW10023408 (APRA ID)
  • 955254 (BMI ID)
  • 1099267-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0M1-4809-6 (JASRAC ID)
Mighty Wings
Oh Boy Song eng
  • GW24241254 (APRA ID)
  • 1100699 (BMI ID)
  • 1066853-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0J3-0933-1 (JASRAC ID)
Oh Caroline Song eng
  • GW28067254 (APRA ID)
  • 1100821 (BMI ID)
  • 1052851-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0O0-5301-7 (JASRAC ID)
Oh Claire Song jpn
  • GW28067270 (APRA ID)
  • 1100867 (BMI ID)
  • 961147-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0O1-2885-8 (JASRAC ID)
Oh, Candy Song eng
  • GW17912022 (APRA ID)
  • 1100794 (BMI ID)
  • 1099328-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0O0-5112-0 (JASRAC ID)
Ohm Sweet Ohm
Song eng
On the Radio Song eng
  • GW28067288 (APRA ID)
  • 1115220 (BMI ID)
  • 961214-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0O0-5746-2 (JASRAC ID)
On Top of the World
Song eng
Reach Out
Song eng
Say Goodbye
Send Love Through
Song eng
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Song eng
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)
Song eng
She’s Leaving Home Song eng
She’s Tight
Song eng
So Good to See You Song eng
  • GW28067686 (APRA ID)
  • 1363992 (BMI ID)
  • 1397362-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0S2-3873-0 (JASRAC ID)
Southern Girls Song eng
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace Song eng
  • GW02449072 (APRA ID)
  • 884937369 (ASCAP ID)
  • 1393862 (BMI ID)
  • 743536-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0S0-3151-5 (JASRAC ID)
Stiff Competition Song eng
  • GW28067759 (APRA ID)
  • 1410598 (BMI ID)
  • 962450-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0S2-5546-4 (JASRAC ID)
Surrender Song eng
  • 1435067 (BMI ID)
Takin’ Me Back Song eng
  • GW28067872 (APRA ID)
  • 1453456 (BMI ID)
  • 962200-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0T1-6465-9 (JASRAC ID)
Taxman, Mr. Heath Song eng
  • GW17912080 (APRA ID)
  • 1459393 (BMI ID)
  • 1099377-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0T1-5144-1 (JASRAC ID)
The Flame Song eng
Tonight It’s You
Song eng
  • 500373537 (ASCAP ID)
  • 1529836 (BMI ID)
When I’m Sixty‐Four Song eng
Wild Thing Song eng
Within You Without You Song eng
Wrong All Along
Yeah Yeah
You Let a Lotta People Down
You're All Talk Song eng
  • GW28068331 (APRA ID)
  • 1727072 (BMI ID)
  • 0Y0-5306-5 (JASRAC ID)