Lou Reed

~ Person


Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Language Attributes Rating
A Gift Song
A World Without Heroes
Song eng
  • 530262118 (ASCAP ID)
  • 1695160 (BMI ID)
  • 0W1-6937-6 (JASRAC ID)
Song eng
Afterhours Song eng
All Through the Night Song
All Tomorrow's Parties Song eng
  • 1316552-001 (GEMA ID)
Andy's Chest Song
Animal Language
Average Guy Song
Baby Face
Bad Song eng
Baton Rouge Song
Beginning of a Great Adventure
Song eng
Beginning to See the Light
Song eng
Berlin Song
Betrayed Song
Big Sky Song
Billy Song
Booker T. Song
Bottoming Out Song
Busload of Faith Song
Can I Kick It? Song eng
  • GW03638810 (APRA ID)
  • 2486730-001 (GEMA ID)
Candy Says Song eng
Caroline Says I Song
Caroline Says II Song
Charley's Girl Song
Chelsea Girls Song
City Lights
Song eng
Claim to Fame
Song eng
Coney Island Baby Song
Cool It Down Song eng
Countess From Hong Kong Song
Coyote Song
Crazy Feeling Song
Crazy Mary eng
Cremation (Ashes to Ashes) Song
Dark Light Song eng
  • 340243258 (ASCAP ID)
  • 7807272 (BMI ID)
  • 0D1-3076-6 (JASRAC ID)
Dime Store Mystery
Song eng
Dirty Blvd. Song
Don't Hurt a Woman Song
Don't Talk to Me About Work Song
Dorita (The Spirit) Song
Downtown Dirt Song
Dreamin' (Escape) Song
Ecstasy Song
Egg Cream
Song eng
Endless Cycle
Song eng
European Son Song eng
Femme Fatale Song eng