Patrick O'Hearn

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Date Title Attributes Artist
A Dream of Three Acrobats bass Mark Isham
A Meeting With the Parabolist bass Mark Isham
Clockwork fretless bass Alex de Grassi
Flambay double bass Frank Zappa
In the Warmth of Your Night bass Mark Isham
Planet of My Dreams bass Frank Zappa
Spider of Destiny double bass Frank Zappa
The Journey Home synthesizer John Doan
The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution bass Frank Zappa
Two Color Dream fretless bass Alex de Grassi
Another Time, Another Place bass Dan Siegel
Another Time, Another Place synthesizer Dan Siegel
Another Time, Another Place percussion [electronic percussion] Dan Siegel
Spring Session M bass, electric bass guitar and synthesizer Missing Persons
Adagio from Fantasy for a Gentleman (feat. Patrick O'Hearn) Joaquín Rodrigo
A Sentimental Memory Dan Siegel
Another Time, Another Place Dan Siegel
Celestial Body Dan Siegel
Dark Star Dan Siegel
Little Creek Dan Siegel
New Jungle Dan Siegel
The Picnic Dan Siegel
Where Are You Now Dan Siegel