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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Surf on Endorphins 2:19
As Young as Yesterday 5:14
As Young as Yesterday 5:46
As Young as Yesterday (Girl Unit remix) 7:12
As Young as Yesterday (Panda Bear remix) 5:20
Comin Closer 4:34
Comin' Down 9:00
Honey Mine 4:37
Honey Mine 4:34
Honey Mine (Lissvik remix) 5:52
Honey Mine (Memoryhouse remix) 4:24
Honey Mine (Nacho Lovers remix) 5:22
Keep Your Eyes Shut 3:28
Loved-Up 3:56
Loved-Up 3:53
Loved-Up 3:54
Loved-Up (Cosimo Paradise Lost remix) 4:03
Loved-Up (Cosimo's Paradise Lost remix) 4:07
Loved-Up (Lol Boys remix) 5:11
Loved-Up (Mixed Up by Jd) 5:52
Loved-Up (Nhessingtons remix) 6:43
Pago Pago 2:46
Sa Sa Samoa 4:06
Sa Sa Samoa (Arca remix) 4:56
Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics remix) 4:21
Sa Sa Samoa (For Real for Sure for You version) 8:34
Sa Sa Samoa (For Real for Sure for You version) 8:34
Sa Sa Samoa (Recycle Culture remix) 4:00
Sa Sa Samoa (Unknown remix) 4:52
Shine On 3:41
The Final Fantasy 6:57
The Truest Faith 4:34
The Truest Faith 4:26
The Truest Faith (Cfcf remix) 5:34
The Truest Faith (Ghostape remix) 6:44
The Truest Faith (Sail a Whale remix) 5:26

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