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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[equipment problem] Wavves 2:14
[tuning] Wavves 1:28
Afraid of Heights Wavves 5:06
Baby Say Goodbye Wavves GBBRP1025212 5:11
Baby Say Goodbye Wavves 5:13
Baby Say Goodbye Wavves 5:11
Baseball Cards Wavves GBBRP1025207 3:02
Baseball Cards Wavves 3:07
Baseball Cards Wavves 3:05
Beach Demon Wavves 3:32
Beach Demon Wavves ?:??
Beach Goth Wavves 2:28
Beach Goth Wavves 2:32
Beach Goth Wavves 3:52
Beat Me Up Wavves 2:20
Bug Wavves 2:54
Bug Wavves 2:55
Bug Wavves 2:55
Bug Wavves 2:55
Bug Wavves 2:54
California Goth Wavves 2:18
California Goth Wavves 2:24
California Goths Wavves 2:21
Convertible Balloon Wavves GBBRP1025208 2:22
Convertible Balloon Wavves 2:26
Convertible Balloon Wavves 2:24
Cop Wavves 1:57
Demon to Lean On Wavves 4:12
Destroy Wavves feat. Members of Fucked Up 3:48
Destroy Wavves feat. members of Fucked Up 3:14
Dog Wavves 3:10
Everything Is My Fault Wavves 2:38
Friends Are Gone Wavves 2:15
Gimme a Knife Wavves 2:54
Got Something for You Best Coast and Wavves 1:59
Goth Girls Wavves 3:13
Green Eyes Wavves GBBRP1025209 3:46
Green Eyes Wavves 3:52
Green Eyes Wavves 3:50
Gun in the Sun Wavves 2:34
Gun in the Sun Wavves 2:35
Here's to the Sun Wavves 2:30
Hippies Is Punks Wavves 3:13
How Are You Wavves 2:44
How Are You Wavves 2:47
I Can’t Dream Wavves 5:13
I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl Wavves 3:13
I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl Wavves 5:02
Idiot Wavves GBBRP1025203 2:50
Idiot Wavves 2:54

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