Midge Ure

~ Person


Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Language Attributes Rating
Alfie Song eng
All Fall Down
Song eng
All in One Day
Song eng
All Stood Still
Blocks on Blocks Song eng
  • GW03463702 (APRA ID)
  • 320256488 (ASCAP ID)
  • 8157433 (BMI ID)
Dancing With Tears in My Eyes Song eng
Do They Know It's Christmas?
Song eng
Fade to Grey Song eng
Feed the World
Fields of Fire
Song eng
Frequency 7 Song eng
Hymn Song eng
I Wanna Be a Kennedy Song
  • 2790126-001 (GEMA ID)
If I Was Song eng
Love’s Great Adventure Song eng
Malpaso Man Song eng
  • GW11476955 (APRA ID)
  • 8157435 (BMI ID)
Mind of a Toy Song eng
  • GW00270859 (APRA ID)
  • 432092952 (ASCAP ID)
  • 8157436 (BMI ID)
Song eng
Moon Over Moscow Song eng
  • GW00382842 (APRA ID)
  • 432092934 (ASCAP ID)
  • 8157437 (BMI ID)
Mr X (Ultravox)
Song eng
New Europeans
Night Train
Song eng
No Regrets eng
Passing Strangers (Ultravox) Song eng
  • 460203092 (ASCAP ID)
  • 1156693 (BMI ID)
Passionate Reply
Song eng
Reap the Wild Wind
Sleepwalk Song eng
  • 490441448 (ASCAP ID)
Tar Song eng
  • GW28675188 (APRA ID)
  • 8157439 (BMI ID)
The Dancer
The Man Who Sold the World Song eng
The Steps Song
  • GW03362299 (APRA ID)
  • 8157440 (BMI ID)
The Voice (originally by Ultravox)
Song eng
Vienna Song eng
  • 520042991 (ASCAP ID)
  • 1586986 (BMI ID)
Visa-age Song eng
  • 520042679 (ASCAP ID)
Visage Song eng
  • 8157441 (APRA ID)
  • GW03362299 (APRA ID)
  • 520479314 (ASCAP ID)
Waiting Song eng
  • 1596371 (BMI ID)
We Came to Dance
White China
Yellow Pearl
Song eng