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Ария (Aria), the oldest and most famous russian metal band that plays classical Heavy metal in the vein of NWOBHM, was founded in 1985 in USSR by Vladimir Holstinin (guitar), Alik Granovsky (bass) and Valery Kipelov (vocal). Since 1986 band (produced by Victor Vekshtein) started playing in small clubs and festivals. In 1985 and 1986 they recorded two debute albums "Mania Velichia" (Megalomania) and "S Kem Ty?" (Who Are You With?), released on tape.
In 1987 more than half of members, including Granovsky and Andrey Bolshakov, left Aria and founded Мастер (Master) to play Thrash metal. New Aria, though, became more successful. With Vitaly Dubinin (bass), Sergey Mavrin (guitar) and Maxim Udalov (drums) they recorded their new album "Geroy Asfalta" (Hero of Asphalt), the first one released by state publishing monopoly "Melodia". This album discovered Aria to public and they toured to Germany.
In 1989 the band dismissed their manager Victor Vekshtein. Also Maxim Udalov was replaced by Alexander Maniakin. Aria released next two albums "Igra s Ogneom" (Playing With Fire) and "Krov Za Krov" (Blood For Blood), where their lyrics (all written by poetess Margarita Pushkina) shifted from social problems to mysticism and history. In 1994 was founded band's own studio "ARIA records", and two debute albums was remastered and re-released. After Europe tour in 1994, Mavrin and Kipelov declared their leaving from the band, but label producers convinced Valery to stay. Mavrin was replaced by Sergey Terentiev. In 1995 new lineup released "Noch Koroche Dnia" (Night Shorter Day), and in 1998 - "Generator Zla" (Generator of Evil). This year was also made the biker-themed EP "Harley-Davidson Tribute" which contained covers on Manowar and Golden Earring; with it, band gained the support of Harley Davidson company. In 2001 Aria's ballad "Потерянный Рай" (Lost Paradise), recorded featuring Russian President's Orchestra, became the first metal song in Russia that reached the top of radio charts. Following album "Himera" (Chimaera) was band's most best-selling work.
In 2002 the band nearly broke up when Kipelov rowed again with Dubinin and Holstinin' and Aria was claimed to disband. After the farewell tour "Classical Aria", (finished by a stadium gig "Judgement Day" at August 31, 2002 in Luzhniki, Moscow); Kipelov, Terentyev and Maniakin left the band and started Кипелов project named after their leader. Holstinin and Dubinin, keeping name Aria, continued with Arthur Berkut (vocals), Sergey Popov (guitar) and returned Max Udalov. With this lineup, Aria recorded "Kreshenie Ogneom" (Christening by Fire; 2003) and "Armageddon" (2006).

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Aria (Russian: Ария) is a Russian heavy metal band that was formed in 1985 in Moscow. Although it was not the first Soviet band to play heavy music, Aria was the first to break through to mainstream media and commercial success. According to several public polls, Aria ranks among top 10 most popular Russian rock bands. Their sound resembled that of NWOBHM bands, for which they were dubbed the "Russian Iron Maiden" in the media. Most of Aria's lyrics have been written not by the band's members but by professional poets Margarita Pushkina and Alexander Yelin.

Aria is the root of so-called "Aria Family": several bands formed by its former members. In 1987, four ex-members of Aria formed the band Master, who are still considered, along with Aria, one of the most influential Russian metal bands. Vocalist Valery Kipelov, who was the main voice of the band for the majority of albums they have released, departed in 2002 and formed his own heavy-metal band Kipelov.

Till Lindemann & Richard Kruspe of Rammstein have covered an Aria song, "Shtil" (Штиль). In this cover version, the song's name is Germanized and spelled as "Schtiel".

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Year Title RatingReleases
1985 Мания величия 4 5
1986 С кем ты? 5 4
1987 Герой асфальта 4 5
1989 Игра с огнём 4 4
1991 Кровь за кровь 5 5
1995 Ночь короче дня 5 3
1998 Генератор зла 5 3
2001 Химера 5 2
2003 Крещение огнём 2
2006 Армагеддон 2
2011 Феникс 1
2014 Через все времена 2

Album + Compilation

Year Title RatingReleases
1997 Легенды русского рока 2
1999 2000 и одна ночь 5 2
1999 Лучшие песни 4
2000 Grand Collection 1
2002 Штиль 4
2003 Легенды русского рока, выпуск 2 1
2004 Миссия 1
2004 Беспечный ангел 2
2005 Grand Collection 2

Album + Compilation + Live

Year Title RatingReleases
2012 Live In Studio 1

Album + Live

Year Title RatingReleases
1996 Сделано в России 3
2003 "В поисках новой жертвы..." 2
2003 Живой огонь. Часть 1 1
2003 Живой огонь. Часть 2 1
2004 Живой огонь 3
2007 Пляска ада 3
2008 Герой асфальта: 20 лет 5
2012 В жёлтом круге арены 1

Album + Soundtrack

Year Title RatingReleases
2000 Дальнобойщики-2 2


Year Title RatingReleases
2000 Потерянный рай 2
2002 Колизей 5 2
2006 Чужой 2
2009 Поле битвы 1


Year Title RatingReleases
1999 Tribute to Harley-Davidson 1

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