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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
24 Karate Flow (feat. 34 Click) Ruste Juxx ?:??
Adamantine Ruste Juxx ?:??
Ain't Like It Used to Be Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest feat. Nutso 3:15
Barbarian Bars Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype 3:49
BCC Official (feat. General Steele) Ruste Juxx ?:??
Beast, Part 2 King Magnetic feat. Ruste Juxx, Saigon & Sean Price 3:58
Bite Back Rock feat. Steele of Smif n Wessun & Ruste Juxx 4:30
BK's Illest Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest feat. Skyzoo 3:28
Blaze Freestyle Interlude (R.I.P.) Ruste Juxx 1:01
Blaze My Fire Ruste Juxx 4:00
Bomb Shit Ruste Juxx 2:38
Bottom to the Top Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest 3:52
Bread on Ya Head Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx 3:43
Bueno Times Sean Price feat. Ruste Juxx 2:17
Bullshit & Party Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest 2:24
Can Only Be Me Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype 3:43
Canon Megadon feat. Ruste Juxx, Smif‐n‐Wessun & Sadat X 3:30
Champion (Bonus Track) Ruste Juxx, The Arcitype feat. King Magnetic 4:10
Countdown to Def Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest feat. Chip Fu & Brother J 4:10
County of Kings PH feat. Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, Ruste Juxx & LR Blitzkrieg 5:01
Death Penalty (feat. DJ Revolution) Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx 3:40
Devastating Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest 4:05
Die Hard PJ feat. Ruste Juxx & Rock 3:07
Dirty Work Dirt Platoon feat. Ruste Juxx 3:47
Dirty Work (Oh No “Dr No” remix) Dirt Platoon feat. Ruste Juxx 3:38
Don't Cross That Line Vstylez feat. Ruste Juxx 3:50
Double eXXecution Marco Polo feat. Torae & Ruste Juxx 3:24
Duck Down Ruste Juxx 2:50
Duck Down! Ruste Juxx 3:11
Final Dayz Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest feat. One Click Bang 4:37
Friends of Yourz Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest feat. Lil Vic 3:24
Fuckin Wit a Gangsta (feat. Sean Price) Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx 4:17
G.G.T.C. Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype 3:52
Game of Throne (interlude) Ruste Juxx 1:38
Get Off the Ground Snowgoons feat. Termanology, Sean Price, H-Staxx, Justin Tyme, Ruste Juxx & Lil' Fame 5:49
Get Up Ruste Juxx 3:14
Gimme the Loot Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest 2:50
Give Em What They Want (Bonus Track) Ruste Juxx, The Arcitype feat. Illa Ghee 4:14
Grave Digga Ruste Juxx 3:35
Guns Theme King Magnetic feat. Celph Titled, Ruste Juxx & DJ Revolution 3:14
Guns Theme King Magnetic, Celph Titled & Ruste Juxx 3:14
Homicide Niggas Ruste Juxx 4:56
How U Selling That (feat. Supreme & Wordsmith) Ruste Juxx ?:??
Hustle Everyday Ruste Juxx & VSTheBest 3:40
I Am on It Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx 3:44
Ils DJ Fade Wizard, Butter, Seif, Samm, Kenlo, Breeze, Showme, Cyanure, One Dae, DJ Metodh, BK, Schlackus, Shinobi, Genocide, Samy Elmousif, WMD, LLL, Koopsala, DJ Phak, C‐Drik, Asthma, Fresh Corleone, Mozaka, HLMÉ, RD, FMU, Junior Makhno, DJ Nerve, Godfather Pt III, Webster, Chele, BRKA, Filon d’Art, Leveq, Pat‐K7, Ross, DJ Horg, FL‐How, INF, Slyph, Riopel, Paranoize, Radi, Ritso, Lateb, DJ O’Legg, Lénième, Daddy Rushy, Kefyr, Woodman, Booyah, Scynikal, B‐Med, Ruste Juxx & Beeyoudee 20:23
Infinite DJ JS-1 feat. Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz 3:14
Jump Start Ruste Juxx, The Arcitype feat. Jaysaun, Planet Asia & R.A. the Rugged Man 4:37
Killa Crown Heights (feat. Skanks, Shatike, Sledge & One Click Bang) Ruste Juxx ?:??
Lava Ruste Juxx, The Arcitype feat. Termanology 3:58

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